Strong-Foundation-webWelcome to the home of Corrective Chiropractic

This official homepage of Corrective Chiropractic will serve as a learning tool as to how Structural Chiropractors differ from what most people in the UK know as Traditional Chiropractors.  If you feel Corrective Chiropractic is a good fit for your health needs you can schedule an appointment with one of our chiropractors.

A chiropractor who focuses on Structural Correction follows a recommended office operation that embraces ethics and integrity in practice while producing objectively measured improvements through patient care.  Often patients who receive structural correction are referred by other chiropractors or health professionals.

Structural chiropractors in the UK work with patients to produce measured improvements in health by focusing on guiding the spine back towards it’s normal position, not missing this underlying cause of many health problems. We realize that no one has perfect spinal alignment, and we do not expect patients to have  textbook normal alignment, but there is a normal range for the spine (just like a normal range for blood pressure) and this is what we work towards.

As the spine is improved and guided back towards normal, secondary conditions (commonly known as symptoms because they are typically the result of an underlying condition) frequently improve as well, but since the underlying cause is being addressed, don’t return further down the road.