What are Secondary Conditions?


AHS-webWhilst a Structural Shift in the spine may be obvious when advanced, it would be difficult for us to know if we have a Structural Shift, just as it would be difficult to know if the foundations of our houses were un-level.

It is often down the presence of Secondary Conditions (commonly known as symptoms) to advise us that something has shifted in our bodies.

If we use the analogy of the house.  From the outside it may be difficult for the untrained eye to see if there were problems with the foundations.  However if we noticed a crack in the wall, then a month later a floorboard came up and then the windows became difficult to open the presence of these Secondary Conditions would lead us to think there is a problem with the structure of the house.

Rather than patching up these Secondary Conditions, Structural Chiropractors work on addressing the underlying Structural Shift .

Secondary Condition that may result from a Structural Shift in the spine include:
• Muscle Spasm/Tightness
• Low Back Pain
• Acute Whiplash-associated
• Disorders
• Shoulder pain
• Frozen Shoulder
• Arm Pain
• Hip osteoarthritis
• Leg Pain
• Migraine
• Cervicogenic Headache
• Cervicogenic Dizziness
• Extremity Joint Conditions
• Neck Pain