Structural Chiropractic vs. Traditional Chiropractic

normal-structure-webWhilst there are many different approaches within chiropractic most fall under the category of Traditional Chiropractic.  The main goals of Traditional Chiropractic are:

• Reduce pain.
• Decrease muscle spasm
• Increase range of motion.

Whilst we agree these are a great start, Structural Chiropractors take things a step further and focus on guiding the spine back towards it’s NORMAL position.

By addressing Structural Shifts in the spine we are often able to address the underlying cause of many Secondary Conditions (commonly known as symptoms).

What is a Structural Shift?

To know if something is wrong we have established ranges of normal in all aspects of health, be it for blood pressure, body temperature or height/weight ratio.  When we fall outside the normal ranges, health challenges start to present.  This is no different in your spine.

Whilst we are not looking for all spines to be structurally perfect by understanding what is structurally normal we are able to detect, with a detailed objective Structural Examination, if a Structural Shift is present.

When a Structural Shift is present it often leads to a number of Secondary Conditions.